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For almost 40 years, Quay Corporation has remained a family-owned company dedicated to producing the highest quality authentic food products under the Margarita brand name. Quay Corporation was founded in 1982 by Victor M. and Hector J. Cuellar, two brothers from Cuernavaca, Mexico who grew up in the city of Chicago. They were inspired by the many food businesses the Cuellar Family had operated locally over the years and saw an opportunity to fill an important niche in the Chicago area ethnic food market. The new company began operations at a Grade A milk plant in suburban Chicago. The brothers’ goal was to manufacture and market a high-quality Mexican-style sour cream that offered the traditional flavor and authenticity that first generation immigrants demand from the food products they buy. Based on their success, the brothers launched the Margarita brand name and established greater distribution in the Illinois area as well as several other states in the South and Southeast. Quay has focused on meeting the increase in demand for more authentic high-quality Mexican food products through new product introductions, such as new cheese lines including  Fresco Cheese, Queso Quesadilla and more recently, an Oaxaca cheese.

Our Cream and Cheese lines have expanded over the years to meet the changing and varied needs of our customers and have helped establish Quay Corporation as a regional player in the national Latino food market. Our Meat and Gelatin product lines were also introduced in response to the demands of the growing Latino population and added even greater variety and flavors to our high-quality line of packaged food products. Our popular Cueritos and Chorizo products are made at our own plant in Lincolnwood, Illinois and are the base for our popular meat product lines.  With the ongoing success of Quay as a quality provider of authentic Latino food products, we expanded our private label business and have become a partner for many other suppliers of these products throughout the United States.

Today a third generation of the Cuellar Family is hard at work leading the Quay Corporation team in understanding and anticipating Latino food trends and adapting best practices in food manufacturing. Our goal is to continue producing high quality authentic Mexican and Latin American food products that meet the needs of our customers. 

We hope you enjoy our full line of Margarita brand food products or that of our many private label partners! We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. Buen provecho!

• Delivering premium authentic products with the highest standards of quality and freshness since 1981.

• Mexican and Latin American food products by the Quay Corporation.

• Today Quay Corporation products are sold and distributed in over ten states in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southern regions of the United States.